Advent prayer

We suspect angels


We suspect angels
And disbelieve good news.

Ah God, who will save us?
Our cynicism is the fruit of our experience
Not the key to the future
Our suspiciousness helps us to smell the rat
Never to recognise the dove.
Our perfect analysis may describe the mountain
But it is powerless to move it.
It is with little pride we must confess:

We suspect angels
And disbelieve good news.

As Christmas approaches,
Give us a share of that divine naivete
Enjoyed by Elizabeth and Zechariah, Mary and Joseph
And unnamed country folk,
Who encountered angels,
And believed Good News
And recognised Christ coming among them.


From Cloth for the Cradle, worship resources and readings for Advent, Christmas and Epiphany. Copyright © 1999, Wild Goose Resource Group (WGRG), c/o Iona Community, Glasgow, Scotland. Reproduced by permission.