Double end-of-year celebrations

On 20 November we celebrated the last day of the year – yes, the church year ends now to make a fresh start as we prepare for Jesus’ arrival in the world at Christmas. Our ‘New Year’s Eve’ was the joyful festival of Christ the King. Peter Seal explored thoughts of God’s kingdom: not about territory or self-importance, but rather the lavish gift of royal dignity, available for all people as an undeserved gift.

There was celebration, too, as the parish’s new website, graphic and welcome sheet were launched. The graphic, in the form of an open, empty cross, is soft-edged, conveying our express desire to welcome anyone and everyone. A powerful sign of the resurrection, it is drawn in the vivid colours of the church year – green for Trinity, symbolising the life and growth of the church; purple for the seasons of penitence and hope; red for the Holy Spirit, martyrs and remembrance; and white/gold for festivals (primarily Christmas and Easter).

What’s all this new communication for? To help us become all that God longs for us to become. And, importantly, to be part of a deliberate invitation to others to join us on our pilgrim journey.