Best campfire ever!

The parish camping weekend was sunshine-filled this year. Sitting and singing round the fire, dappled sunlight through the pine trees, walking across the New Forest looking at the ponies, and quiet reflection and prayer in a circle with Peter on Saturday, and with Mary on Sunday – the weekend was a great success.

Young families enjoyed the shorter walk in to Burley followed by a pub supper for all. Will Ridpath led the singing in the evening with his guitar. The fire burned very well after the youngsters had gathered a lot of wood, and Michael Joseph’s saw produced the best pile of firewood the camp has ever seen.

This year, most people came on the Saturday, with only a few hardy folk camping for the whole weekend. The youngsters enjoyed playing badminton, volleyball, helping with the fire and going on a splendid imaginary ‘merpup’ hunt around the campsite.