Building for Life

We’re making good progress!

Peter Seal writes:  I keep reminding myself that we are involved in a big and complex, as well as costly, project; so it’s not surprising that it’s taking quite some time! By way of reminder: our aim is to create a building that has everything needed for both the worshipping congregation and the wider community. We’re a parish that is on the ‘front foot’, looking ahead with confidence, believing in an ongoing future which God goes on revealing. As William Carey said, ‘Attempt great things for God, expect great things from God’.

Our fund-raising currently stands at £604,350 of the £850,000 on our yellow-brick road. That is: money already received or pledged, plus Gift Aid, plus any grants we know we will be receiving. This is a truly remarkable sum. Again, many thanks to everyone who is making this possible. It really is a huge team effort, with every contribution greatly appreciated.

STOP PRESS: We are very grateful for pledges and grants this autumn: £15,000 from the Congregational & General Charitable Trust, £10,000 from the Beatrice Laing Trust and £8,500 from Allchurches Trust.

Your fund-raising team, so ably led by Bill Lucas, continues to work consistently and very hard. Grant applications are complex and extremely time-consuming. Please pray for those giving their efforts to this, and that we will soon have more successes!

Alongside this work, detailed cash flow analysis is taking place, with a careful eye to any risks we need to anticipate. This will enable the Finance Committee and then, in due course, the PCC to be able to make informed, realistic and appropriate decisions as to when we will have sufficient money to begin building work. The current hoped-for start date is summer 2019. (This timing means we’ll be able to have our Community Day next year on 11 May, and need someone to take the lead!)

Knowing that St Paul’s will not be usable during the building work (10–12 months), we’re giving careful thought to where Sunday worship can be held. We have our beloved St Matthew’s, where there will be Sunday services at 8.00 and 11.15 each week according to the Book of Common Prayer; some from St Paul’s may find they would like to worship there. We plan to hold the 9.30 Parish Communion in the hall at Western, our church school, where there will also be rooms available for our really important Sunday School. More, of course, about these arrangements as the time draws closer.

As always, please do not hesitate to be in touch with Bill Lucas, our St Paul’s churchwardens Chris Seaman and Chris Sharp, our treasurer Amanda Berridge, or me, if you have any questions.