Join us at 10am on Saturdays in January for a series of short talks on Advent themes, followed by a time for questions. If you’ve ever wondered about any of these topics, come along and explore them with us.

6 January at St Paul’s – Stars (faith and science) – if you would like to hear about how someone can be a scientist and a Christian.

13 January at St Paul’s – Angels – if you would like to know more about the part that angels play in our faith.

20 January at St Matthew’s – Food and animals – if you would like to hear more about spiritual food and the nourishment it can bring.

27 January at St Paul’s – Vulnerability – if you would like to hear from others who have felt vulnerable, or who have cared for the vulnerable, speaking on how their Christian faith has helped them.

Click on the links below for a taster of each topic, from our Advent Pilgrimage in December.