A retreat? A Christian holiday?

Would I really want to use up my precious leave doing that?

We’re very excited that there will be a group from St Paul’s and St Matthew’s at week 2 of New Wine in Somerset this summer – Sun 5 to Sat 11 August at Bath and West Showground – and this opportunity for further growth together.

New Wine does it well. Not only does lots of prayer clearly go into the preparations, but there are truly practical and gifted Christians involved in the event’s organisation, which makes it a real holiday.

Babies’, children’s and youth groups are outstanding, with high ratios of youth workers, fantastic facilities, and safeguarding and special needs taken seriously. It’s genuinely fun, and last year even our most cautious child made friends and was keen to go to their group. Why wouldn’t you be, with gunge chambers to put your youth worker in?!

Worship for adults comes in all styles, as do seminars – from academic to hands-on practical activities to spiritual sessions. Attendance is optional and lying in bed, listening to worship or talks on the festival’s radio station, or wandering up to the food market with a book while your kids are in a group are perfectly valid choices too. Non-Christian family members are well served, with no requirement or expectation. Social, sporting, community and foodie events are open to all …

Our parish group will be based in a ‘camping village’ with plenty of space both for us as individuals and families and for community activities for those who want to spend time together. We’re encouraged by the families who have already booked or are planning to book, and we look forward to seeing the gifts and blessings that will return to our church community as a result of this time away.

For more information please contact Susie Richardson, 07813 641646, susannahrichardson@hotmail.co.uk, or Mary Copping, Children’s and Youth Work Co-ordinator, 07921 886016, youth@stmatthewstpaul.org, or visit the website www.united.new-wine.org.