Stallholder Information

For attention of all stall holders. Thank you very much for offering to run a stall on Community Day this year. Here are some notes to help you on the day and in making final preparations.

Set-up and set-down

This is possible at anytime on Friday 12 May from 9am onwards… On the day cars cannot be on site after 9am. The whole site will need to be cleared up on Saturday 13 May and we ask you to carefully sort any rubbish you have, ideally taking it home with you. If you have a car you can park next door in LCP. If you have incurred any agreed expenses, please get these to the finance team at St Paul’s asap. We assume that you have enough manpower on the day for your stall, but again please get in touch if this is not the case!

Table requirements

Please send a note of the number and size of tables you need on the day to Julie Tilney – – by Tuesday 9 May. These can be picked up and set up on Friday 12 May. I know that some stallholders have already given us this information; if so you do not need to repeat it.


Please bring signage for pricing so it’s easy for visitors to see how many tokens are required for each activity, food or drinks option.

Treasury management for the day

This year Community Day will be a cashless event. We will operate using tokens and card machines. The only exception to this rule is the token stall which will accept cash should visitors not have any alternative.

Tokens will be available for purchase at the Token Stall which will be located just outside the main church doors. Tokens are priced at 50pence each. We will have bags pre-prepared of £5 and £10 worth of tokens for sale, but visitors can purchase any number at a time. As such, all prices on stalls need to be priced in multiples of 50 pence.

Please bring your own container to collect tokens in.

Three stalls will also have the church’s own SumUp machines to use: cafe, bbq, beer tent. They connect to Wi-Fi inside the church and have a SIM card to connect outside the church building. These machines are simple to use. These stalls are those likely to make sales of larger amounts of money for which counting tokens might be difficult.

We are also being loaned additional SumUp machines from Western school. These, however, are not as functional and instead require a separate device (ie a mobile phone) to connect to via Bluetooth; on the device you need to download the SumUp app and enter details per transaction there. The Token Stall will be using a couple of these but should any other stall holders wish to utilise one, please let me know, as there are plenty to go around.

Tokens will be collected from stalls throughout the day to be counted (just as we would do with cash) and put back into circulation.

In an ideal world we would love to keep track of the amount of sales each stall generates. But for those stalls using SumUp machines, we won’t be able to track via the bank statement which individual SumUp machine was used for any given transaction; as such, if possible, please may those stalls taking card sales make a note on a piece of paper (doesn’t need to be pretty, just legible!) of the £ value of each card transaction. We can then tot up at the end and provide a reasonable estimate of £ generation per activity.

We do not intend to issue credit for any unspent tokens.

For anyone interested, the tokens are fully biodegradable (made from potato starch) although the idea is that they are kept in non-degrading conditions and utilised again for future events!


Our neighbours LCP have kindly given us permission to have stall holders cars parked in their company car park right next door to St. Paul’s church. Car park address: St Paul’s House, St Paul’s Hill, Winchester SO22 5AB


Best wishes,

The Community Day team


PS – If you have any questions please call Bill (07802 435948) or Vicki (07884 060999)