‘I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are mine.’ (Isaiah 43:1)

We are committed to welcoming everyone. All parents who are considering having their baby baptised are encouraged to come to our 9.30 am Holy Communion. We have a DIY crèche every week and there are always other families present, including children of all ages. We want your experience of church to be as good as it possibly can be. Our commitment to being a church with ‘soft edges’ is especially important when it comes to baptism.

Baptism, which is recognised throughout the world by all Christian churches, is the way in which a baby, with the help of parents or carers, becomes part of a local church. Baptism is an expression of commitment by parents and godparents to the Christian life. We find it helpful to express this as a shared journey. The picture of parents standing either side of their child as it learns to walk, going at the toddler’s pace and being together with them, is a special one.

Exploring baptism is a wonderful opportunity for parents to think again about what they believe, acknowledging of course that different people hold quite different views. It’s not uncommon, for example, for one parent to feel strongly about wanting their baby to be baptised while the other is far less sure. We really value being able to explore this with you. Our clergy are only too delighted to chat informally.

If you live in the parish, have a close pastoral connection with our churches, regularly attend services here or just want to chat, do please make contact

If you don’t live in the parish and don’t have a local connection with our churches it may be better for you to make contact with your own parish church. In the future you may be pleased that your child’s baptism took place in a church community that can welcome you, nurture your faith and enable you to become part of its life. You can find your own local parish church at A Church Near You.