Called to stand in solidarity with the displaced

Liz Stuart, 25 June 2023

Snakes and ladders

Christopher Seaman, 18 June 2023

God breathes us all into new being

Liz Stuart, 28 May 2023

What comes down, goes up

Jonathan Rowe, 21 May 2023

The counsellor, comforter, spirit of truth, teacher, helper there for us all

Mary Copping, 14 May 2023

Not to be served but to serve

Jonathan Rowe, 7 May 2023

Turning the values of leadership and greatness on their head

David Williams, 7 May 2023

A challenge: to find fun and joy in giving

Jonathan Rowe, 30 April 2023

How much easier to believe and to follow Jesus if we had met the risen Christ!

Liz Stuart, 23 April 2023

Let’s be peace-keepers and peace-givers

Mary Copping, 16 April 2023

Love to the utmost

Jonathan Rowe, 6 April 2023

The Passiontide journey with Jesus

Mary Copping, 26 March 2023

Christ meets us in our most vulnerable, sore and wearied spaces

Liz Stuart, 12 March 2023

It’s okay to have more questions than answers

Jonathan Rowe, 5 March 2023

Canon Peter Seal’s funeral sermon

Liz Stuart, 3 March 2023

Our trials can bring us closer to God or mire us in ourselves

Liz Stuart, 26 February 2023

Whose gaze matters?

Jonathan Rowe, 22 February 2023

Why would anyone want to ‘come to terms’ with tragedy?

Jonathan Rowe, 19 February 2023

Strong and deep and joyous faith: a tribute to the late Canon Peter Seal

Mary Copping, 12 February 2023

The choice before everyone is whether to turn towards Jesus or away from him

Jonathan Rowe, 5 February 2023

Christian conversion means experiencing Jesus Christ

Jonathan Rowe, 29 January 2023

Questions of identity

Jonathan Rowe, 15 January 2023

Let’s each keep our eyes open for the epiphanies of God in our lives

Mary Copping, 8 January 2023

God’s deep dive into human particularity

Liz Stuart, 1 January 2023

Are you willing to be surprised?

Jonathan Rowe, 25 December 2022

The Word enables rich, multi-faceted lives, lived in dialogue with God

Jonathan Rowe, 24 December 2022

Perhaps we need to keep bringing our gaze back to the Christ child

Mary Copping, 18 December 2022

We need to resolve to be patient

Jonathan Rowe, 11 December 2022

After repentance come love and inclusion

Liz Stuart, 4 December 2022

Waiting in hope and confident expectation

Mary Copping, 27 November 2022

Only Christ, whose kingdom has no borders, can claim our conscience

Liz Stuart, 20 November 2022

Death, injury and damaged relationships – the sacrifices of war

Jonathan Rowe, 13 November 2022

You need to see signs? Well, here is one!

Jonathan Rowe, 6 November 2022

We’re all called to be radical saints, beacons of light

Mary Copping, 30 October 2022

The word of God is always dynamic and uncontainable

Liz Stuart, 23 October 2022

An authentic encounter with God

Liz Stuart, 9 October 2022

Jesus, the source and substance of true life, divine life, available to all

Liz Stuart, 2 October 2022

Mirroring the love and generosity that God shows to us

Mary Copping, 25 September 2022

Lament – a visceral reaction to suffering

Jonathan Rowe, 18 September 2022

Mourning for HM The Queen

Jonathan Rowe, 11 September 2022


Jonathan Rowe, 4 September 2022

We’re all VIPs

Jonathan Rowe, 28 August 2022

The Sabbath is all about release from the daily grind, from the things that preoccupy

Liz Stuart, 21 August 2022

Simple, quiet, unquestioning obedience

Mary Copping, 14 August 2022

Listen, and then respond

Jonathan Rowe, 7 August 2022

Let’s re-centre our hearts – our attitudes, our whole personality, our very selves

Christopher Seaman, 31 July 2022

The Lord’s Prayer is about liberation

Jonathan Rowe, 24 July 2022

Connect with God to be filled and restored

Mary Copping, 17 July 2022

A parable to shake us out of prejudice and complacency

Liz Stuart, 10 July 2022

A message of peace with God, with each other, with creation

Jonathan Rowe, 3 July 2022

We practise love so it becomes our guiding light, a constant refrain in our lives

Jonathan Rowe, 26 June 2022

Possession and proclamation

Jonathan Rowe, 19 June 2022

The Trinity: God as love that overflows itself

Liz Stuart, 12 June 2022

Three responses to God’s whispers

Rebecca Denny, Sandra Lewis and Barbara Dorward, 29 May 2022

Healing for ourselves, our relationships, our communities, our planet

Mary Copping, 22 May 2022

How, practically, can our relationship with the whole Christian family be one in which we both give and receive, standing as equals?

Peter Casey, 15 May 2022

Interpreting the world through the eyes of God is the great gift that we as Easter people bring to world

Liz Stuart, 8 May 2022

Overwhelming evidence for the resurrection

Christopher Seaman, 24 April 2022

Because Jesus has risen from the dead, dying is just a portal now into a greater life

Liz Stuart and Mary Copping, 17 April 2022

The mystery of our salvation begins by stepping into darkness and entropy

Liz Stuart, 14 April 2022