Pastoral care

If you would like to speak to a priest for any reason, please contact one of our clergy: Revd Dr Jonathan Rowe,, Revd Mary Copping,, or Revd Prof. Liz Stuart,

It is also possible for you to be introduced to one of our Parish Visitors, or ‘companions on the way’, if you are in need of friendly support, for whatever reason: perhaps bereavement, illness, depression or loneliness. A Parish Visitor may be a confidante for all sorts of issues: a listening ear, someone to share memories with, a companion for a short time, a link with the outside world, the organiser of help for a specific, short-term need.

Parish Visitors work in the name of the church, but they do not promote their religious views and their ministry is available to people of all faiths and none. Confidentiality is paramount in all that they undertake. If you would like to speak to one, please do not hesitate to contact the Parish Visitors by email on or call the Parish Office on 01962 844878 and someone will pass your details on to the team.