The Friends of St Matthew with St Paul

Conservation and development for the future

Our churches belong to the whole community.

For centuries, they have served and been served by local people.

Both churches are beautiful, and open to all.

Become a Friend


  • to support the church congregations in the important work of maintaining the fabric and enhancing the facilities of both buildings for future generations
  • to encourage greater use of our buildings by the community
  • to form a diverse and vibrant Friends group that promotes its work in the wider community


  • organising social and fund-raising events
  • publicising our activities through the parish magazine
  • recruiting new members to the Friends
  • holding an Annual General Meeting to report and celebrate the year’s achievements

How you can help

  • by making a financial contribution and becoming a Friend
  • by supporting our activities and events
  • by encouraging other like-minded people to join the Friends

Please join the Friends

Please ring 01962 844878 or contact the parish administrator. Annual subscription rates are £15 for individuals or £25 for family membership.

Between 2012 and 2016, membership subscriptions and income from events raised £11,000 towards repairs and improvements at St Matthew’s. Following that, £9,000 was contributed towards Building for Life at St Paul’s, including new community facilities.

Our former Rector, the late Peter Seal, recorded this Friends’ event in July 2019. (Blondie song blocked for copyright reasons.)

To view the late Bishop John Dennis’ 2015 reflections on his life and loves, interspersed with his favourite music, please watch the video below.